Tuesday, August 3, 2010

An experience down under ... in the Rats Nest Cave that is!

Rat’s Nest Cave lies under Grotto Mountain near Canmore, was designated a Provincial Historic Site in 1987 and has over 4kms of explored passage.

Squeezing through holes that barely look large enough to get your head through can be an interesting experience. Fortunately the adrenalin rush far outweighs the anxious ‘what if I get stuck permanently’ thoughts ... most of the time!

During my first caving experience with Canmore Cave Tours recently, I found myself humming the theme tune to Mission Impossible throughout most of the tour!

There is a lot to be said for dragging your body inch by inch through cave chambers and tunnels. The ‘First Challenge’ tunnel lives up to its name and lays a good foundation for the ‘Second Challenge’ tunnel which is much more daunting! How can you not feel a sense of achievement after that!

Our excellent guides kept us entertained throughout with the geology and geography of the caves, as well as showing us some cool stalactites and ‘alien’ like rock formations!

When we exited the cave our group was very dirty, a little tired and smiling from ear to ear!  Well worth a try!