Monday, July 13, 2009

Lake, trees, mountains, wildlife and a little hair-raising adventure thrown in for good measure!

It was with excited anticipation that I returned to Nordegg recently, a destination I frequently visit in all seasons, but with my last trip being back in February. This time I took with me a 'newbie' to both the area and my favourite accommodation, HI-Shunda Creek Hostel.
As with every other visit to the area, we undertook a decent length hike on the Saturday armed with all of the essentials; sunscreen, chocolate and cameras! The sun broke the clouds just in time for our departure and as I predicted; my companion Christina was wowed and charmed by the mountains, rivers and waterfalls that we came across.

Unfortunately, not paying attention to the trails and without compass or map, we proceeded to get a little lost after 3 hours of steady hiking and rather than turn back, we decided instead to continue on and bushwhack our way through.

It was some time later after a hair raising rapid river crossing (over a delicately balanced tree trunk), scaling a rugged mountain wall, collecting numerous scrapes and scratches and wondering around in haphazard circles that we decided (rather reluctantly) to call it quits!

Again we crossed the rapid river (much faster this time now we were experienced!) and headed back along the path we came!

The hike was great fun, the bushwhacking exhilarating and sinking into the hostel hot tub, with a cold beer at the end of the day was deeply gratifying!

Once again, this little-known area gained a new fan and continued to resume its place at the top of my list!